Sunday, June 26, 2011

sewing, sewing, sew;

So I inherited my grandmother Paula's sewing kit and I will be excitedly working on some new custom laptop cases (especially for those of us who are unfortunate to be fortunate with the 15/17" laptops who's cases are all but charming) and within the next few months I will be working on setting up my very own Etsy shop! I also will be working on making some more handmade paper and making journals and possibly some paper lanterns! :) So, please keep a look out! Oh, and I am in the works of setting up a booth with a fellow seamstress at the flea market in Brooklyn! Keep an ear out, folks!


Recycled mason jars containing family photographs with fabric wrapped around the lids. This pretty much sums up my aesthetic and focus of my art for now.


This is from a performance piece I did at 621 Gallery in April for the BA/BS graduation show. It is based on one of my favorite subjects (I am still learning a
great deal about): Existentialism. After reading Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, I was greatly influenced by the character Teresa and her need to feel a weightlessness that was both physical and metaphysical. This was also me dealing with the fact that I was about to move from my home state of Florida (of 22/23 years) and move to New York. I needed a way to take everything and represent it in something tangible and literally remove it all from my being. I sat in a washbin and sewed an "intestine" which was all encompassing.

San Francisco

Here are some photographs of a suitcase I created based on a story from my childhood my mother just recently told to me. It involves her kidnapping me from my biological father and my grandmother Nancy flying us to San Francisco (where we lived for a short time).

It is all hand sewn with found fabric (mostly clothing), yarn, and buttons. It is made from a yellow suitcase that I inherited from my grandmother Paula after she passed away in 2008. Also, a cool feature is you can close the entire thing up in the suitcase, zip it up, and travel. Everything pops up out of it when you open it, too. I have been feeling quite whimsical lately.